2019 National Health Care For The Homeless Conference & Policy Symposium

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October 29, 2018
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Healthy living 50+
Charles Falk, Gayle Dee
Topic: Clinical & Hands-On
Date Submitted: 10/05/2018

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We are in the library brushing up

i’d really love to be that girl that keeps fresh flowers in a beautiful vase. the one who’s home is always in order, every space utilized perfectly. who can coordinate a room to match a feeling and transition it throughout a house. who can walk into a flea market & pick out a perfect piece of furniture to refurbish. then make it beautiful. who can sand dressers. and paint without dripping on the floor. someone who can mix cocktails & owns coordinating bar ware. who’s bed is always made. the girl who’s hair is always in place. and who can paint her own fingernails. who can hang pictures straight & create gallery walls. the girl who takes that ordinary thing & turns it into something magical. that girl makes everything look easy. i know brian would like for me to be this girl. my erratic lifestyle and impulsive decision making, i know drives him up…

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gayle first tandem! ny